When I choose zoom type, what does that mean? If you select "out" in means the video will start where the organge highlighted square is on your screen then zooms out. If you select "in" the clip will start in it's original state then zoom into where the organge highlighted square is. 

One way vs mirrored zoom? One way zoom means for the full duration of your clip, it will zoom in the direction you choose versus if you have a mirrored zoom, for example if you have "zoom in" selected, it will zoom in and then back our creating a boomerang/bounce effect with a zoom motion. 

Can I move where the zoom goes besides the centre? At this point, no. 

Can Zoomyy store my videos I've made? At this point, no. 

What is photo length? Since adding a zoom motion to the photo turns in into a video, you can select what you want the video length to be. It can go up to 15 seconds. 

Can I upload a video longer than 15 seconds in length? Right now, no. But if we get enough emails to change this, we will! If this is something you'd like, let us know - hello@zoomyy.com.

How do I send a suggestion or contact somebody at Zoomyy? We love hearing feedback from our users! Please shoot us an email at hello@zoomyy.com. 

Do you have Instagram? Sure do! We'd love to see your Zoomyy videos on Instagram, Hashatg #Zoomyy (with two Y's) or tag us at @Zoomyy_App